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The program proved to be definitely paranoid during a routine installation of a program. The creation of any files was considered dangerous. At the same time, it itself reported that the creation of files in a temporary folder is the usual way for the installer.

During the preliminary scan, all game.exe files of the games I downloaded for free from giveawayoftheday were marked as a trojan. These files are harmless, they just call the Toomky Games page in the browser. Some games from other sources were also identified as malicious.

I suppose I don’t need a program with such alarmist behavior, and I will most likely uninstall it.

To be fair, many AV programs alert to GOTD installations because of the way they are packaged, I believe. I currently have both Avast and Zemana AL installed and have to pause them both whenever I install a game from there. I fully trust the GOTD site and have no problem doing that.

A preliminary scan with any AV software may show false-positives. I’ve not tried this current offering yet but I have used this company’s previous anti-virus, SecureAge, and to my recollection, it was simple to whitelist items and customize things. Play with it before uninstalling, you might find it works for you. I’m going to give it a go myself.