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As for Fransiz yesterday, Eldamar is an inexhaustible source of unwanted emails (= spam), which it is very difficult to get rid of….
Fonts are often available for free on many other less intrusive sites.

I don’t mind the spam at all, it’s not intrusive and the programs I’ve gained; especially from Fransiz, are worth the spam. It’s not like I get that much anyway. It’s easily deleted simply by typing the name in the email search, then clicking on the small box that enables you to delete all the emails en-mass. Simplz!

And….. it only takes a moment of your time. Well worth it for the excellent software we get.

p.s. Ashraf, are you the same Ashraf that used to post reviews over on the giveaway site years ago when it first started back in 2006?

Regards Whiterabbit-uk (who is still posting reviews of the games over on the game side of the project)