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You’d think you/they would at least show previews of the included fonts. How else will we know if there’s any we want. I’m just going to assume they’re nothing worth downloading. Yes, I know it’s free, but “free” often comes with a price. If the reviews are accurate, the price is a barrage of commercial emails from the vendor. That’s fine if it’s a product I can use, but it’s not if it’s not a useful product to me. I’m not giving up my email with knowing ahead of time if it’s useful to me.

The same can be said with many of the offers here. Very few details or screen shots. Before this I looked at the 200 Photoshop brushes offer. Again, no preview, and the product can’t be found on the vendor site. I decided against that offer, too, because the reviews were mixed but complaints used “spam” and “unprofessional” in the reviews. Without seeing brush samples, I have to take the reviewers at their word that the brushes are unprofessional and I’ll get spammed to death. Nope, no thanks.

The lack of adequate descriptions and preview images smacks of laziness to me. If you’re going to be lazy about getting new customers then your products may be lazily made and lack professionalism—after all, even with free products, we’re customers and potential buyers of upgrades and the vendor’s other products, that’s why they give stuff away.

In short, “free” isn’t really free if the cost of obtaining the product exceeds the value of using the product.