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Peter Blaise

In response to [@phoe monreo] who claims that Microsoft does not support registry cleaners . . . and who comes to a program giveaway site to claim that ‘Some programs available for free on the internet might contain spyware, adware, or viruses’, and then goes on to claim that ‘we’-the-author are Microsoft.


#1, Microsoft wrote and released a registry cleaner – RegClean.exe – so there, released in support of Windows 95, and still works on all versions of Windows today, I daily use RegClean.exe v4.1.7364.1 from 1997 on all my computers, mostly Windows 7 x64 Pro, and newer Windows 10 and Windows 11, and it works just fine.

#2, Here at Shareware On Sale, NO programs have malware – please do not come to a file download site and tell people not to download files – Ashraf, who runs Shareware On Sale, and all of us users, know about checking anything we download FREE at [ VirusTotal . com ], so we know what we are getting, and we know what we are getting into.

#3, ‘we’ report here from our hands-on experience of the software under discussion, so please download it, use it – even if you only inspect it’s recommendations and decide NOT to delete any identified registry entries – and report on your experience.

Let’s do that.

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Ashampoo Registry Cleaner v2 installs on as many PC as you want, and it registers with your Ashampoo username and password, and it cleans only a little, very quickly, about 60+ innocuous items for me, mostly things that are not in daily use anyway, and most probably have had no effect on the user experience, I just ran it on a few computers, rebooted, no problem, not much effect at all.

Thanks as ever, Ashraf, for letting us explore this and share.