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phoe monreo Please read again,I was not even on about this specfic giveaway or even registry cleaners in particlur even lesss Microsoft,furthermore nowhere did i say Microsoft is responsible for issues caused by using a registry cleaning utility . I mentioned Ashampoo is a program developer i have come to trust I buy all of the programs that i use from them if they proform the job in the way i find fit my purpose ( i bought to date 27 of their programs )i dont even download the giveaways any more i go to their site and buy,stupid i know because i have about four i no longer use and two that i wasted money on,( if you ever develope a program or tried to then you would know why you buy insted or look for giveaways) my gripe was about companies in general with their price structure ,i know this was not the place for this but i was hoping to see some change after i saw the amount i spent buying software during last year and not just at one company,I have nothing on this registry cleaner i dont use one ,sorry .