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I posted the below review on the offer page under “Submit Your Review” a few days ago but it still does not show. This software has no reviews or star rating and I thought this would help. However, as so often happens on this site, the review does not appear. I disabled all ad-blockers, etc. when posting so that is not the issue. This is not the first time this has happened and I’m unsure what the problem is or if this is happening to others as well and preventing user reviews showing that would contribute to the purpose of this site. I would appreciate a reply as to what is causing this or, at the very least, if you would post the below review and rating for me on the offer page. Thank you!

5 stars
Nice simple to use program that does exactly what it claims. Downloaded and installed fine on Win10HomeX64. I typed a sentence in the text box, clicked “read” and it did. Copied and pasted a paragraph in and it read that without any issues. Lots of choices to modify the reading voice also. I have not used the other features but trust that they will work just as well. Many thanks to the Vovsoft and SOS teams for this!