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Peter Blaise

“… I’ve installed and registered the program. Using Ctrl+D will open it. However, anytime I click on the desktop shortcut or even the exe in Program Files, I get this pop-up error: “Sorry, the existing instance may be too busy to respond. Please close any open dialogs and retry. I should also note, that I had a similar error when installing, so I clicked cancel and then a window opened saying installation was completed. Any help please, would be much appreciated …”

Sorry, Lori, I’ve not seen that specific error in ClipDiary recently, but generally, it looks like something is competing for permission and or computer processor cycles.

I’d reboot, run as administrator, then go through the routines of clean reboot, safe mode reboot, clean the computer, run SDF /scannow and DISM variants ( search the web ), remove and reinstall, use RevoUninstaller to clean the prior ClipDiary, plus to clean temp files, reboot, reboot, try another computer, endless – it just sounds like you have something else in the way.

I turn off all hotkeys so they do not surprise me when running other programs, but that does not look like your problem.

Let us know how it goes.

Thanks, Ashraf, for letting us explore this and share.