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System Utilities, such as Glary, get mixed reviews in the tech press, with a consensus that they either make only marginal improvements; and/or can be duplicated by built-in OS (Win) utilities; and/or are capable of doing considerable Damage if not careful.

That said, Glary is at least a “known” product which organizes a number of Tools in reasonably easy to find menus, and this is a nice giveaway.

The Software Update tool is worth running, especially if you have apps that are not frequently ran, and which otherwise do not report the availability of an update. At first run, Glary (5.2) found 3 Updates: Calibre, WinOptimizer (!), and GeForce Experience. It correctly identified the GeForce version, but was 1 off on Calibre (it offered 6.19 instead of 6.20 – which admittedly had only been released 2 days prior). The WinOpt install was a Trial, which I had forgotten about, so the “udpate” notice was still useful.