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Larry K

Thank you for allowing me to test this.
Doyourclone Fails to build a USB bootable drive.
*Try USB
*USB 3 (USB DISK 3.0, G:)
Create bootable disk
Creating WinPE…
Exporting WinPE…
Operation failed. time: 00:02:21
It fried my 14.4 GB Microcenter USB 3.1 flash drive.
Properties show 0 GB and Re Formatting will no longer complete.
Try ISO—-
*Create ISO C:\Users\larho\Desktop\Doyourclone.iso
Elapsed time: 00:00:07
Creating WinPE ISO…
Exporting WinPE ISO…
WinPE ISO has been successfully exported.

The next step is to use Rufus 4.2.2074
I get this message:
ESP image detected
The ISO you have selected uses UEFI and is small enough to be written as an EFI System
Partition (ESP). Writing to an ESP, instead of writing to a generic data partition occupying
the whole disk, can be preferable for some types of installations.
Please select the mode that you want to use to write this image:
® Write in ISO Image mode (Recommended)- I USED !
O Write in ISO – ESP mode I DID NOT USE.

Here are all the Rufus setup details:
Rufus 4.2.2074
Device Clone DISK (G:) [16 GB]
Boot selection Doyourclone.iso
Partition scheme GPT
Target system UEFI (non CSM)
Volume label Clone DISK
File system FAT32 (Default)
Cluster size 8192 bytes (Default)
*Quick format
I successfully used the Rufus USB boot drive and created a “Clone” of same size C:\ and all remaining drive partitions on drive. I checked the box to use Sector by sector copy option. I am very happy with the results.
Thanks again !