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I’ve downloaded AweClone from sharewareonsale.com today, installed it and entered the supplied registration code and am getting an ‘Activation failed’ pop-up. The registration code that I entered is the one that I got from the website when I downloaded it.

I had an earlier version of AweClone – v.2.8 installed previously and I’d uninstalled it before trying to install and register v. 2.9, hoping to avoid any issues like the one that I have now.

I uninstalled v.2.9 and tried re-installing it, I got the same ‘Activation failed’ notice. I saw the advice to disable any anti-virus software and did do that as well as making sure that the firewall was not blocking the activation. I’ve used Magoshare software before on several PCs and never had any issues like this before.

I sent the above message to Magoshare support.