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After one comment that the “code is not working anymore” I was able to install the program and get the program activated with the provided license code.

I had the program before, so I wanted to see if I could install and activate the program. I wanted to keep the previous version in case there was no activation code as suggested in the online comment section. I downloaded the program and saved the “SharewareOnSale exclusive license key” that was displayed on the SoS page that contains the download link. All’s good so far.

When I started the setup program (SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_SwifDoo_PDF_Pro.exe), the bottom right corner had an option for custom installation. I clicked it so I could choose a different file location from the default. When I clicked on Browse (or rather “attempted” to click on Browse), nothing happened. I’m guessing the setup program checks to see if a version of the program is already installed, and if so, then don’t process the Browse option. If that is the case, I wish the setup program had said so.

I continued with the installation at the same location.

Immediately after the installation, the message, “Your session has expired, please sign in again” was displayed. I looked up my Signin credentials and signed into the SwdtDoo website. After signing in, there is a place to enter the “SharewareOnSale exclusive license key.” After doing so, the program was activated without any issues. I signed out to use the program.

After starting the program, an attempt at doing something with a PDF file threw up the message “Your session has expired, please sign in again” as if the program had not been activated. I signed in again and then retried the SwifDoo editor and this time it worked.

If anyone can use the program without signing in, please leave a comment.

Another comment states that the program is a 7-Day trial. That isn’t the case at all. There are two editions of the software; one is a Trial edition, and the 2nd is the Pro edition. Even though the SoS website titles the program the “Pro” edition, it is a standard edition with Pro feature for 7 days. On the SwifDoo website, there is a chart showing the difference between the Trial edition and the Pro edition. You can see from that chart all the features y9ou can use for 7 days. After 7 days, the program reverts back to fewer features but it is still useable for 6 months.

To use the program, you must be signed in to your account at the SwifDoo website.
The program is licensed for 7 days only; users get “Pro” capabilities for 7 days, then use it for the remainder of the six months.