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    Have something to say about SwifDoo PDF Pro? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than SwifDoo PDF Pro, post it here! If you know of issues with SwifDoo PDF Pro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Only a 6 month license? Forget it.

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    Thanks Sean! I won’t waste my time!
    I’m totally ok with trials. When I’m looking for a trial to see how good the software is. I hate them when I’m tricked into a trial when I’m expecting a giveaway. Just saying

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    Excelente programa pra PDF, leve, rápido e perfeito

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    The code is Not working anymore, please send me a working one.

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    7 Day Trial only!…When I went to recheck this promotion, I decided to activate it again to see if I did something wrong, it failed.

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    After one comment that the “code is not working anymore” I was able to install the program and get the program activated with the provided license code.

    I had the program before, so I wanted to see if I could install and activate the program. I wanted to keep the previous version in case there was no activation code as suggested in the online comment section. I downloaded the program and saved the “SharewareOnSale exclusive license key” that was displayed on the SoS page that contains the download link. All’s good so far.

    When I started the setup program (SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_SwifDoo_PDF_Pro.exe), the bottom right corner had an option for custom installation. I clicked it so I could choose a different file location from the default. When I clicked on Browse (or rather “attempted” to click on Browse), nothing happened. I’m guessing the setup program checks to see if a version of the program is already installed, and if so, then don’t process the Browse option. If that is the case, I wish the setup program had said so.

    I continued with the installation at the same location.

    Immediately after the installation, the message, “Your session has expired, please sign in again” was displayed. I looked up my Signin credentials and signed into the SwdtDoo website. After signing in, there is a place to enter the “SharewareOnSale exclusive license key.” After doing so, the program was activated without any issues. I signed out to use the program.

    After starting the program, an attempt at doing something with a PDF file threw up the message “Your session has expired, please sign in again” as if the program had not been activated. I signed in again and then retried the SwifDoo editor and this time it worked.

    If anyone can use the program without signing in, please leave a comment.

    Another comment states that the program is a 7-Day trial. That isn’t the case at all. There are two editions of the software; one is a Trial edition, and the 2nd is the Pro edition. Even though the SoS website titles the program the “Pro” edition, it is a standard edition with Pro feature for 7 days. On the SwifDoo website, there is a chart showing the difference between the Trial edition and the Pro edition. You can see from that chart all the features y9ou can use for 7 days. After 7 days, the program reverts back to fewer features but it is still useable for 6 months.

    To use the program, you must be signed in to your account at the SwifDoo website.
    The program is licensed for 7 days only; users get “Pro” capabilities for 7 days, then use it for the remainder of the six months.

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