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Hi Boss,
I followed the instructions given on the Checkout page for receiving the Registration Number and for Downloading and Installing the Program. The received email contained my personal customer number (user ID) as well as my Registration Code (Serial Number). I then downloaded and installed the program following the link provided on the Checkout page. After installing the program, when I go to launch the program, I am presented with a Pop-up window which indicates 30 Days remaining and contains one space in which to insert the Serial Number and a “Activate Now” button to Click after entering the Serial Number. Upon completing this process, I immediately receive a response indicating “Invalid Serial Number”… “Wrong Serial Number! Please enter the correct serial number.” Careful repeating of this process only yielded the same result. How can I
change the status of this program from “Trial” to “Registered”? There does not appear to be any place for indicating my personal customer number (user ID). Any assistance much appreciated…