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Peter Blaise

HELLO, it’s a FLASH BOOT program, a program that teaches a FLASH DRIVE to boot Windows.

And this giveaway of the ‘pro’ version is ‘limited’ to working on only ONE flash drive, hence it asks for ONE flash drive to connect with the giveaway license.

The program goes on any number of computers, no limit.

Wherever this program is installed, it can build that ONE licensed flash drive to backup/clone/boot that computer’s Windows.

So, apparently, we can wipe and reuse the same ONE ‘licensed’ flash drive over and over to backup/clone different computers forever, no limit

Create an installable clone of Windows on the USB thumb drive
Create a bootable clone of Windows 8.1/10 on the USB thumb drive
Install Windows 7 on a New Laptop or New PC
Install full-featured Windows 8/8.1/10 to the USB thumb drive
Save/restore USB thumb drive to/from image file
Convert WindowsXP or BartPE to the bootable USB thumb drive

The Special Edition is fully functional and contains all the features of FlashBoot Pro.

The Special Edition is not bound to a computer ID, the same as the Standard Edition. You can install it on multiple computers if necessary.

USB devices formatted by Special Edition of FlashBoot Pro are not time-limited, the same as USB devices formatted by Standard Edition

The Pro features of the Special Edition are tied to a single USB storage device, the one with which you are registering your copy of the software via the installation form.

The Special Edition of FlashBoot Pro is eternal, it does not expire, the same as the Standard Edition.

If we LIKE it, and decide to buy our own unlimited copy of FlashBoot Pro, then that separate purchase will have features and benefits beyond this version, such as using a variety of different USB flash drives or USB-attached HDD/SSD drives with which to backup/clone any number of our Windows computers.

Good deal.

Let’s actually check it out and tell each other how it works.

Thanks, Ashraf.