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Got a BAD feeling about this one.

I got to their website and tried to enter my account information (I “joined” their Stock Footage Club a few days ago, even paid extra for more goodies). It said my password didn’t match. I clicked to reset it, got an email with a link to reset password. I clicked it and my antivirus (Bitdefender) popped up a warning that their security certificate was incorrect, it was for a different page. I clicked to ignore that, and Bitdefender added a new warning that the site contained dangerous URLs. I clicked to ignore that also, and got a new message that the site was not secure (no https:\\ ). 3 strikes and they are OUT. Not a good situation for a way to manage my password. I closed the page, I’m not going back. I lost $10 for the lesson. Will try for a refund but really don’t expect anything.