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S. Cargo

If you’re under the gun and need 250 hand drawn icons within the hour, and your pre-schooler is too involved with eating cereal and watching cartoons to help you out by drawing them… Then I’d say these will be more than adequate. Sure it will be difficult to tell exactly what many of them are supposed to be without the child’s narrative, but hey, they’re free so use your imagination. I would say they’re most definitely hand drawn, and they’re could certainly be icons, at least maybe when they grow up, but when you receive them, they’ll just be .pngs. There’s no license that comes with them stating they are ok for commercial use, but they are registered with Adobe, I just didn’t take the time to read everything. All in all, if you’re needing 250 hand-drawn b/w images and it’s ok if they look like your five year old did them, and you can convert a .png to a .ico then I’d say these will be perfect. If you’re wanting something with a little color, and maybe beyond 2 dimensional, there’s always the possibility of either downloaded them from somewhere else, or get creative and draw your own! Have some faith, I’m relatively sure you couldn’t do any worse….