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Downloaded, installed, registered with no issues in Windows 11 Pro.

Only tried one image using a few different options. Impressive. I expected crazy stuff to added, things to be misinterpreted, like I see in most AI-generated images. Picture had a person, a drum kit, a bass guitar, fairly low light. All the drum hardware was clearer with shiny, brighter reflections. Bass strings & frets no longer blurry. Details of person were sharper. Nothing overdone. Only needed 3-4 seconds to work its magic*. Upscaling made a VERY large, clear file. At 1:1 (no upscaling), the original image was 267 Kb, enhanced image was 3.65 Mb.

Now I need to upgrade a few hundred photos….

Would be great if they worked this into a slide show program where it could display an image while it enhances the next. Show next image after some minimum time or keypress or wait until processing finishes. No need for storing lots of big files then.

* my PC has an Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti and Core-I9 13900K, those *might* affect the speed of this program :)