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    Have something to say about Aiarty Image Enhancer [with Generative AI]? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Aiarty Image Enhancer [with Generative AI], post it here! If you know of issues with Aiarty Image Enhancer [with Generative AI], post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Liz Lees

    Tried to register with the code, can’t paste the number so typed it in, then got a message saying error. Can this be fixed?

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    Jim K

    The program can only be registered using all small letters. Hope that helps

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    I can install and register the software. But it do not work as it constantly fails to download ai model.

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    This program transformed a slightly blurry image into a sharp masterpiece, also enlarging it by 2x.
    It is essential software. I am impressed

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    I am impressed as well. I had no problem while registrating. And the first results are very promising! Thank you, Ashraf!

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    Liz Lees

    [@Lars] Thank you, that worked :)

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    Excuse me: Setting did Language changed “Chinese Traditional” and the result was restarted
    After Aiarty Image Enhancer, the interface is still in English and cannot be changed?

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    The program doesn’t open. Why?

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    Program doesn’t open for me either. I guess I should’ve listened to Laco!

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    Im Vergleich zu Gigapixel absoluter Schrott! Dauert 5x so lange, bis überhaupt die Module geladen werden, und das Ergebnis ist schlechter als bei Gigapixel. Hab es gleich wieder deinstalliert, da wartest pro Photo teilweise 1 Stunde, bis es hochskaliert ist.

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    Programm lässt sich installieren, aber nicht öffnen. Auch nicht als Administrator. Warum?

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    Downloaded, installed, registered with no issues in Windows 11 Pro.

    Only tried one image using a few different options. Impressive. I expected crazy stuff to added, things to be misinterpreted, like I see in most AI-generated images. Picture had a person, a drum kit, a bass guitar, fairly low light. All the drum hardware was clearer with shiny, brighter reflections. Bass strings & frets no longer blurry. Details of person were sharper. Nothing overdone. Only needed 3-4 seconds to work its magic*. Upscaling made a VERY large, clear file. At 1:1 (no upscaling), the original image was 267 Kb, enhanced image was 3.65 Mb.

    Now I need to upgrade a few hundred photos….

    Would be great if they worked this into a slide show program where it could display an image while it enhances the next. Show next image after some minimum time or keypress or wait until processing finishes. No need for storing lots of big files then.

    * my PC has an Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti and Core-I9 13900K, those *might* affect the speed of this program :)

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    [@Liz Lees]
    Hi, could you provide a screenshot about the error? And then we could anaylyze and assist you accurately.

    Sorry for any inconvenience that may be caused by this.

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    [@Eva] [@Laco]
    Regarding the problem that the software does not open, please turn off anti-virus software and firewall (make sure it does not run background ) and have a try again.

    If there is still any problem, please contact Aiarty support ([email protected]) with detailed information. You will receive a response within 24 hours on workdays.

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