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[@Mr.Dave] I was able to create a “contact sheet” in a PDF file.

Eldamar *should* have provided this. It contains thumbnails of all the icons, 6 columns by 8 rows, in several pages. Each icon has its filename under it. So if I want to find an icon quickly, I open the PDF file, find the one I want and see what it’s name is. Then I can find that file in ZIP file from Eldamar, and use it in another program. I like many of the icons, this makes them far easier to use.

To make the contact sheet file, I used Photo Commander 16 from Ashampoo. I had to extract all the icons to a folder (Photo Commander 16 doesn’t see ZIP files as folders). In Photo Commander, I navigated to the folder of icons and pressed Ctrl/A to select all (or go to lower left corner of window). Then I picked an action at top of screen. “Manage…”, “Create…” and “Print…” all have the same option in their menus to “Print a thumbnail sheet”. I picked an output folder, rows & columns, and either “Print to file” or used the “Microsoft Print to PDF” printer option (both worked well). Very quick. You may be able to get a free version of Photo Commander from Ashampoo site, or wait for it to be offered here. I don’t know if other free, paid or giveaway versions have the “Print a thumbnail sheet” option.