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Connect not showing Music Studio 2024?

I hit a snag while installing in Win 11 Pro. I found I already had the Connect program installed, so I ran it. This caused it to update. Fine so far, but I didn’t see Music Studio 2024 anywhere. So I exited and run the installer from SOS. It restarted Connect, still no sign of Music Studio 2024.

The fix: Like so many programs, when you run Connect it starts a Service in Windows. When you exit the program, the service just keeps on running. I used Windows Task Manager (press Ctrl-Shift-Esc) to find and stop the service. Then, when I ran the installer from SOS, Connect started with a screen to install Music Studio 2024.

So… if you ran Connect any time since you last rebooted your PC, you need to kill the Connect service before running the SOS installer.