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Peter Blaise

Suggestion, add TIF export – lossless, yet with ZIP compression, makes an equally small file – it’s sad to lose so much detail by saving in lossy PNG or JPG after all the work to regain details.

Suggestion, don’t process until we say to after making our selections for target goals.

Suggestion, auto-save to original folder unless we “save as”.

Suggestion, accept “open with” – it seems not to work, needing to have a file dropped into the program or have the program File > Open on it’s own.

Suggestion, add auto and manual controls for contrast, color and white balance, saturation and vividness, sharpen, defog – don’t make us have to load an image in half a dozen other programs to get total image enhancement, make this do it all.

Suggestion, make it as smart and capable as the free Google Picasa feature set, THEN add AI to make it better.

It definitely can improve some JPG image’s detail on a 1:1 pixel inspection level, but at normal display size on screen, say, 720 pixels across from a 4,896×3,672 pixel original image, not so much noticeable improvement at all for otherwise OK images, perhaps it might improve a blurry photo when seen at a lower than original resolution.

It made an over-JPGed image worse, so it’s not a panacea.

It’s painfully slow and manual, even on a new fast computer with lots of resources.

Yet, I can recommend this as a useful tool, with limits – it takes a long time, so patience is needed, and one picture at a time if you want to see and make changes, overwise use the batch feature and hope for the best, but go away for the night rather than wait to watch it process.

Thanks for letting us test this and give feedback – I look forward to the next version’s improvements.