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Got the same error code as WildCat. Warning 1909. Could not create Shortcut HitFilm3Express.lnk. Verify that the destination folder exists and that you can access it.

Most of this is copied and pasted from what I sent to their support: support@hitfilm.com

After installing…
Read the email and clicked the verify button in it. I had to go into the programs file folder and click on the .exe as there wasn’t a shortcut on my desktop because of the installation error. After program opened I clicked activate and unlock and entered my account info from the site registration process.

Kept saying wrong username or password. Verified my password in Firefox options and by logging into their website. Program still wouldn’t take information. Reset password. Verified new password by again logging into my account at https://hitfilm.com and then logged out. Restarted program again, clicked activate and unlock and entered my account info. This time program opened, didn’t say anything about activating, and had a lot of ‘packages’ to buy on the left hand side, same as it did on the ‘trial’/first opening on install.

Looked for option in program to verify/validate that it had been updated after logging in with my account details. But there was no link or button to do this. Checked their website, says Hitfilm 2 deactivated, but did say Hitfilm 3 was activated. Closed the program and reopened it. Same results, still looks like the trial version was installed.

Read the directions on their site for reinstalling the program, and just in case copied the serial key from my account info in case it was needed. Uninstalled the program using Revo Uninstaller Pro and reinstalled it.

After program opened, it said it was already activated on 1 computer and wouldn’t run/open.

Software looks pretty impressive and I would like to be able to test/use it. But I can’t as Hitfilms’ installation process has me jumping through so many hoops and then even after getting it installed, AND having verified my account details, the program wouldn’t let me log in with the SAME INFORMATION I used log into their website. Then when program does let me log in, after resetting password, it doesn’t say anything about having been updated from the trial version.

So my question to you is… How do I fix this in order to use this program? As it stands right now, it still looks as if I have, am using, the trial version.

Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this matter.
P.S. Almost forgot… noticed when opening 2nd time that there were TWO usernames. It seems that even though the Activate & Unlock asks for your EMAIL in the entry field, after opening account on your website it CHANGES this to your ‘real’ name. In my case it went from my email address to CharlesFarley <— notice there is no space between them. Same as it shows me on your website. Hope this information helps.