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    Have something to say about HitFilm 3 Express + Star Wars Effects? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than HitFilm 3 Express + Star Wars Effects, post it here! If you know of issues with HitFilm 3 Express + Star Wars Effects, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    I seized the offer of HitFim 3 Express two days ago. Is there a possibility to benefit from the Star Wars effects without having to re-download it all?

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    could you do something a bit more complicated to activate??

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    Hello everyone! I have a problem with activation. When I run program, selecting ACTIVATE & UNLOCK, login on my account (created on website after pressing “GET HITFILM3EXPRESS FREE”), and finally I see “YOUR SERIAL CODE”. On that small window I see that I’m logged on my account, but I don’t have a serial number. I check my account on website, and there no serial number. I see only “You have not registered any software yet.”. I reinstalled software, trying as admin, rebooting computer and reinstalling again. Program still want from me serial code. Why? Can someone tell me what I doing wrong? ;) I saw film on YouTube, where one person have a serial number, but on another movie user do not need serial. Hmm. That little bizarre.
    Greetings from Poland!

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    In early January, ShjareWareOnSale offered HitFilm 3 Express + Sci-fi adventure pack 3.1.
    Interesting offer! By e-mail I received a serial number – probably for the sci-fi adventure pack 3.1. (There is a different serial number on HitFilm3.)
    I followed the instructions but never managed to get sci-fi adventure pack 3.1 in to the program.
    Deal of the Day – same procedure but was not succeeded this time either.
    I even tried to deactivate/uninstall / reinstall HitFilm3 – with the same result. No packages are installed. And I got no serial for Star Wars Effects this time.
    Now I uninstall HitFilm3.
    It had been an interesting program because I do slideshows with ProShow Producer – imagine being able to do amazing backgrounds to images and slideshows!!

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    Downloaded, installed, and activated ok (wow, really have to jump through hoops!) but when I ran it, it looks like you have to BUY the Star Wars (Sci-Fi) pack for $22; I thought this came with it, which is why I gave it a shot. Also keeps nagging me to install QuickTime, which I don’t want to do, although it’s only needed if you want to import QT movies, which I don’t.

    Really confused about the Star Wars thing; why say it’s included if it’s not, and if it is, how to I get it?

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    Doug Ames

    I got HitFilm 3 Express the last time it was offered, and I don’t need the Star Wars pack enough to bother trying to figure out if I can add it on through this offer, but just to comment on the package itself:
    The registration process is a bit more complex than usual, but it’s worth it. While they ramped up the effort to sell you add-on packages in version 3 (as opposed to version 2), underlying it is a really good multi-track video editing program. The tools are surprisingly powerful and easy to use for a free video editor, and there are no awkward restrictions preventing you from working with popular video file types. Recommended!

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    To import mov videos from an EOS dslr, installing the rather old QT Lite 4.1.0 seems to be good enough. I have registered Sci-Fi pack, but didn’t try it, so no sabres here.

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    Yes. License required here also.

    Waste of time.

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    I got the program and it installed but there are no star wars effects included. I also cannot find anything to get them without buying them. Is this just a mistake or a bait and switch?

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    HitFilm 3 Express Setup error dialog:
    |! An error occurred during the installation of assembly |
    | Microsoft,VC90.CRT,version=”9.0.30729.5570″,publick |
    | eyToken=”1fc8b9a1e18e3b”,processorArchitecture=” |
    | amd64″,type=Win32″. Please refer to Help and Support |
    | for more information. HRESULT:0x80070BC9 |
    | ________ |
    | | OK | |
    | ——— |
    Windows 7, 1TGB (480GB free), 4 GB Ram, Dell D630 laptop.

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    So Fk Amazing Program

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    Michael Fortune

    I have followed the instructions, but a serial code is required.

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