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it restarted my computer without my consent – I was out while it started full scan for the first time

It shows: You are fully Protected
software update up to date
but Full system scan -was never done because:

connecting to Universal AV Scanner (= TCPView log shows as open and close x times)
error code: 12007 the server name or address could not be resolved
From log ### Failed: secureaplus.secureage.com/Referral/GetPremiumStatus.php. Error code: 12029. A connection with the server could not be established

please give me info if it needs any windows services enabled to function which I disabled -for security+performance reasons f.i. BITS…

also what ip and web address I should check in hosts plik or somewhere else ,
If it for work needs services in default + blank hosts file then I regret instalation…

I believe there was some issues with their server. Their server should be more stable now so do try it again to see if it’s working. If not, drop them an email at secureaplus@secureage.com. They are usually responsive during their working hours ;)