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Steve B.

I have been using LastPass for many years and am extremely happy with it. I have no idea how Dashlane compares, but I won’t use it because the first impression it made was a very bad one. Why?

My father apparently installed Dashlane recently and I received an automated message in my email indicating that he wanted to give me “emergency access” to his account. Thinking that the attachment was some sort of small “widget” that would allow me to authenticate and access his account if necessary, I agreed to run it. I subsequently discovered that it was installing the complete Dashlane application on my computer, which I most definitely DID NOT want! Of course I immediately uninstalled it as soon as it was finished installing. When the uninstall process ended and Dashlane wanted to know why I chose to uninstall it, I let them know in no uncertain terms that it is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE to mislead prospective customers without disclosing that they are agreeing to install the complete product on their machines. Any chance they had to convince me to switch from LastPass was forever lost by this terrible first impression, and I will be advising everyone I know that Dashlane is NOT the right password manager to choose.