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From the owner website, is possible to reconcile the two main reviews. E.G. on the free download you get 3 months of original resolution photos, then you need to pay to keep that feature. The Pro Version seems a better option in that for $5/month your photos are kept at original resolution always. You get, in Pro, 10 hours of HD video storage (6 min videos max) whereas the free version allows only 15 minutes, at 3 mins/video. Extra space is available for $4.99.
The T & Cs should be read. The services are not designed for ‘power users’, but usage regarded as normal for private individuals. Otherwise, Shoebox may restrict usage and bandwidth: in such cases users may be better buying a 2TB external hard-drive. There is also provision by Shoebox to have 3rd party access/usage. I’m not totally clear what that means but personally, I do not like it.

Pro is definitely the way to go; though as mentioned, you could treat the first 3 months as a trial of the system!