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    Have something to say about Shoebox Pro? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Shoebox Pro, post it here! If you know of issues with Shoebox Pro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Wow when I first looked at this program this morning it had only a 21% positive rating, but no review comments.

    I gave it a try and it is not a bad program. The only downside is that it is good for only one year, but it is understandable as the vendor wants to make money. Based on my free trial here I might buy this.

    Easy to download, install and register. It very quickly synched my photos between my iPad 2 Air and desktop PC and my android phone (LG) and desktop PC.

    Really a decent program – I suggest you give it a try.

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    I’ve been using this program for a year or two; the paid version. One thing that I dont’ think I saw mentioned here.

    Everyday I receive an e-mail with snapshots for all of the photos for that day in time. Many take pictures and never look at them again. Putting my pictures in front of me daily is worth the money. My kids are still small, but I’ve been able to see how they’ve grown and it’s great.

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    On my PC the process shoebox.exe constantly 50%, if the program is running. In storage pictures will be renamed. Started to use today.

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    I’ve registered, then clicked redeem promo code and :…. nothing .Checked the email still nothing.How do they deliver the code :by telephaty?

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    I’ve been happily using the free version for several years. It isn’t the only photo backup I use, so not having the original resolution has not been a dealbreaker. Having it stored at the original resolution would be nice, but then I have been using the free version,I can’t complain, and seeing the daily email with photos from the past is one of the things I look forward to every day. Can I upgrade my preexisting version for the one year with this, or do I have to download it again?

    I hate yearly subscriptions, because there rarely is a reason for the repetitive cost, but since Shoebox is providing unlimited storage, which requires server space, there does seem to be a cost justification here. I have paid two companies for lifetime storage. They both were bought and the service discontinued. It’s nice while it lasts, but I can’t rely on just one storage backup any more.

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    1 year license. After 1 year, you cannot access all your photos stored on the cloud unless you pay $$$. Does it make sense?

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    [@John] The PRO version itself is a monthly subscription, so we couldn’t really offer a lifetime license. Plus, the developer has ongoing costs to store your photos, so it is fair to ask for a regular fee… and they offer a 100% free version as well, so completely justified as far as I am concerned.

    [@Sparky] You should be able to upgrade your existing account with this promo code. I am not 100% sure though. Follow the directions we gave and try — there is an option to log into your existing account.

    [@ricohflex] It makes complete sense. It costs the developer $$$ to store your photos. Asking for a subscription fee is completely reasonable. Further, they offer a 100% FREE plan that you can revert too if you really don’t want to purchase the subscription.

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    Update: I can’t use the promo code on an existing account, since the original 30-day trial has expired. I have to login, upgrade to pro first. However, since I have to enter my credit card info to upgrade to pro, as well as enter a subscription to the pro version first, I’m not sure how I would use the promo code. Have to think about this for awhile.

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    [@Sparky] Ah, okay. Thanks for clarifying.

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    Sacha Obado

    Unable to get the Code after clicking download Shoebox pro. I get “The server’s security certificate is revoked!”

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    Sorry, but I have to give this a thumbs down. First off, I like the program very much, but if I had to describe it in one word, it would be INTRUSIVE.

    During the few days I have had it installed on my Android phone and iPad I have received numerous popups/notifications. My desktop PC is being hit often with email from the developer. I really don’t need to be reminded daily of pics I have loaded into your program with the same date as today. I finally attached a SPAM filter, but then decided to uninstall the program completely via Revo.

    Developer, you have an excellent program here, but please back off from the daily emails and popups. Thank you.

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    From the owner website, is possible to reconcile the two main reviews. E.G. on the free download you get 3 months of original resolution photos, then you need to pay to keep that feature. The Pro Version seems a better option in that for $5/month your photos are kept at original resolution always. You get, in Pro, 10 hours of HD video storage (6 min videos max) whereas the free version allows only 15 minutes, at 3 mins/video. Extra space is available for $4.99.
    The T & Cs should be read. The services are not designed for ‘power users’, but usage regarded as normal for private individuals. Otherwise, Shoebox may restrict usage and bandwidth: in such cases users may be better buying a 2TB external hard-drive. There is also provision by Shoebox to have 3rd party access/usage. I’m not totally clear what that means but personally, I do not like it.

    Pro is definitely the way to go; though as mentioned, you could treat the first 3 months as a trial of the system!

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