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[@Nick H] Sorry to hear of your on-going problems, Nick. We’re in that undesirable situation of the app working fine for 99% of users, but with something going wrong on your PC. This makes it hard to diagnose and decide how to proceed with a “fix” (if any is needed). The app uses standard Windows hotkey procedures and GUI routines, so there’s nothing that should stop it working.

All I can suggest is try it again with maybe your anti-virus disabled (temporarily) to see if that’s silently blocking the app, or maybe even after booting your PC in Safe Mode to rule out that some other thing is conflicting with it. If it works with your anti-virus disabled, or in Safe Mode, then it proves the app is working fine and your PC’s setup is indeed the cause.

AlomWare Actions is a fairly new app, only launched earlier this year, but we’ve had nothing but positive feedback and good reviews (and sales) so far. If this was a major issue, it would’ve been reported everywhere by now. For balance, here’s some third-party independent reviews that would not exist if the problem were widespread:


Actions: Automate tasks and launch files on Windows


Alomware Actions: Automate tasks with Hotkeys

Paul @ AlomWare.