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Seriously, the developer who provided this offer suggests an improvement and gets obscenities? That’s ungrateful as well as rude and I hope Ashraf considers banning you.

I take that back. He has better things to do and we’d miss laughing at your ALL CAPS and duplicate punctuation!!!!

Many of us professional coders keep old machines and OSs for compatibility and for pleasure. Recovering data from someone’s old PC can be quite rewarding. Think of a widow finding an XP machine in the back of a closet. I’ve got old PCs in my basement hooked up to an internal LAN (no internet access For easier security) going back to PS2 and X286. I also have all versions of MS Office back to ’95.

People restore and maintain classic cars, why not PCs? Running games on older systems can remind us of the fun we had discovering them. For better or worse, emulators are never 100% exact. That’s why this is a good offer for many of us. Making it better for XP is even better.