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Mister Lee

The big question for this giveaway is this:
Is this “Corel AfterShot Pro 3″… which apparently Melvin has based his review on, OR, is this rather “Corel AfterShot 3”, (NON PRO edition)?

“Corel AfterShot 3” seems only to exist on S.O.S. site.
I can find no reference to it on Corel’s site.
I can not find any mention of a non-pro edition on any Google searches.

– The stated S.O.S. price of $39.99 does not match the price on Corel’s site, which is $79.99, marked down to $54.99 (Save 30%).
– The “box image” on S.O.S. does not match the “box image” shown on Corel’s site. Image here shows a girl w/ a single horse, close up. Image on Corel shows 3 horses running, (no girl).

I hope I am wrong, but I suspect this is NOT the Pro version, but rather a stripped down, crippled version… also known as L.E., (limited edition).

Question to Melvin: Did you in fact base your review on a download from S.O.S. today, OR, did you download the trial version of “Corel AfterShot Pro 3” from Corel’s site and base your review on that.
I wonder, because in the second paragraph of your review, you say, “This latest version of AfterShot PRO…”.

Question to Ashraf: Would you please address the above, so we know for sure, BEFORE downloading, what exactly is being offered. I WOULD BE VERY HAPPY TO HAVE THE PRO VERSION! I DON’T NEED ANOTHER STRIPPED DOWN, LIMITED EDITION OF ANYTHING ON MY SYSTEM. I HAVE TOO MANY OF THOSE ALREADY!

Note to Ashraf: I am very appreciative of the obvious hard work that you do, to keep this the best site on the internet for shareware and ‘freeware’ (free for a limited time). I hope you don’t interpret my comments above as being petty or unappreciative of what you do. I am very grateful for your efforts. However, this issue is a pet peeve of mine. My wish is that there could be clarity and unambiguous descriptions of offerings, so that this would never be an issue.

Best regards, Mister Lee