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Its NOT Pro

Well first off I installed it on a Windows 7 OS 64 bit. They tell you it’s pro and no need to register because it’s already registered when you install it. Of course that big black guy with a gun is not there to kill you and rape your wife, you believe that too right?????

SO I installed it, had to give them an email address and it took about 175 meg of space for the program. Once I ran it sure enough Shitwareonsale sticking to the norm made sure we got the STANDARD EDITION. YEP you read it right!!!!!!

Nice big ad at bottom left…….GET MORE FEATURES UPGRADE TO PRO AND IT’S ONLY 39.99 TO DO IT. No place does it say pro except dumb asses review. So it’s the shitware version standard and with the limits of what it can’t do I say go Pirate a copy of pro adn tell this standard version to fuck off.