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The original review of “WPS Office Personal and Home” made me think that WPS Office was really a hot offer. I am thinking quite differently now.

I have been disappointed in several respects with WPS Office and will probably only try it a few more times before uninstalling it. I too do not like one year trials. A program that is used as often as a word processor does not take a tremendously long period of time to try before you can decide if it is worth purchasing or not. Normally I would not put in the amount of time that it took me to install this program considering it was one more inexpensive office program competing with Microsoft’s Word.

At the very beginning I knew that the PDF conversion feature was not part of the download. After going through having to shut down my Norton antivirus program and my anti-ransomware program I finally got the basic program to install. Following the completion of the installation I was presented with a notice that I could download the PDF conversion program in one of two forms: “free or subscription”. I thought I would try the free option and again went through shutting down the various antivirus programs to be told that the previous version of “WPS Office Personal and Home” had to be uninstalled to install the new download. The whole office program was uninstalled, re-downloaded, and once again installed after disabling the various antivirus programs. Still there was no evidence that I had the PDF conversion program. Once again I tried to install that module and went through the whole uninstall/ reinstall procedure again. The final time I said to heck with the conversion program and for the third time I installed the original office program and forgot about any conversion module.

Opening the word processing program part of “WPS Office Personal and Home” seem to take forever. The reason for this was eventually revealed when a full page of suggested templates was presented as the opening page. I did not hunt long but I did not see an obvious way to disable the opening page of templates. This is a page of templates I knew I would never use and would rather not have as a part of a lien wordprocessing program.. I would much prefer a quick opening program rather than being presented with dozens of templates that I would never find a use for.

A big disappointment was finding that my dictation program was incompatible with WPS Office. I only have the use of one hand and find typing in many wordprocessing type programs somewhat difficult. I cannot easily hold down the shift key to type uppercase letters and many punctuation marks. Even though the program was heavily touted as being compatible, yet even interchangeable, with “Microsoft Word” the dictation program that works in Microsoft Word would not transcribe a single letter or word in today’s offered program. This program like many programs on the market are close to worthless for many of the handicapped.

Not having the desire or means to purchase Microsoft Word I guess I will go back to using “Open Office”. “Open Office” is not completely compatible with my dictation program but it does work after a fashion.

I left out several other complaints that I have with today’s offering. Since I do not have Microsoft Word on my computer I cannot really say through experience, other than the lack of compatibility with my dictation program, how compatible WPS Office is with the Microsoft program. I guess if I owned the Microsoft program I would not worry about compatibility I would just use it. As it is now if I receive something I consider important in the Microsoft format I either open it with some form of reader or I will try to convert it to PDF. Generally if somebody sends me a document written in Microsoft Word I consider the effort somewhat elitist and throw the file in the garbage.