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    Have something to say about WPS Office Personal and Home? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than WPS Office Personal and Home, post it here! If you know of issues with WPS Office Personal and Home, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Mister Lee

    This is a 1-computer 1-year license, for noncommercial use.

    No need to read further… since, per usual, there is no defining what a “1-year license” means… from this day forward, I will always assume this means the program will cease to work on day 366. I’m not going to ever waste any more time, having to inquire and guess and plead for an explanation, (on this site or any other giveaway site). It is absurd to keep going through this over and over and over. Every developer has there own way of defining what this means PRECISELY! Why does S.O.S. (and all the other download sites), steadfastly refuse to have the developer be specific about the terms of the offer? It has to be obvious, that people want this information BEFORE WASTING THEIR TIME for what may be just an extended trial.

    I really wish Ashraf would at least give an explanation here today, why he doesn’t insist this information be provided with any offer on his site. This site has grown to be the best site of it’s kind on the internet today, so it would be fitting, that they would be the one, to ‘stand tall’ and set a new example for all to follow.

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    j. lopes

    Nice offer. Thx.

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    Osborne Lamoree

    WELLLLLLLLLLL…. thought that this was a good offer. The “one year” applies to this s/w and on day 366 it reverts to the “free” edition, losing the PDF parts and others. What I don’t care for is that when you open the program, there is a 3 x 5 “offer” in the middle of the page that the x to kill it does not work! Be very careful grabbing it and trying to move it off of the page as MOST parts of the ad will then call up a web page with MORE offers. I guess for “free” they expect you to put up with the ads.

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    To try free of charge for one year a software that costs 20 dollars annually is a nice opportunity.

    The usual and customary trial time is somewhere between 15 days to a month; that is not enough time to test whether the programs one wrote using a competitive suite actually work or can be easily modified.

    Furthermore, in this case, other versions of this suite supposedly are compatible with, for example, Linux; if one wanted to leave Windows behind, the migration would be easier.

    The centered advertisement is a bother; it would be nice if the vendor shows it every 20 times, or once every week, when the suite is started. That facilitates testing and does not take away the vendor’s right to state that he is the copyright holder. The good part is having twelve months to check out compatibility; once one is satisfied, one should purchase the annual license. That is my personal opinion.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

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    1 year? – not a fan of time based licences for anything other than the update subscription of an antivirus.

    Does not really compete with Softmaker Office 2012 free, or with Softmaker FreeOffice (less objectionable in free version).

    And of course, never forget LibreOffice… the curtain may be coming down on openOffice, but LO is where the action is on that front

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    I have to say I was a bit taken back by this offer and thought I would run it hard and see what happens. At first it reminded me of Bill Gates and milking his man tits, something you hate to do but for a cool half Mil you will do it. This software turned out to be a Sausage party in my pants and it was the douche up my ass just like in the movie. I felt like it was tugging on my balls just to get a word corrected. Glad it’s free and will let Bill Cosby know so he can start using this on his Woman to put them to sleep. Will recommend this one to President Trump for use in the White House.

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    The original review of “WPS Office Personal and Home” made me think that WPS Office was really a hot offer. I am thinking quite differently now.

    I have been disappointed in several respects with WPS Office and will probably only try it a few more times before uninstalling it. I too do not like one year trials. A program that is used as often as a word processor does not take a tremendously long period of time to try before you can decide if it is worth purchasing or not. Normally I would not put in the amount of time that it took me to install this program considering it was one more inexpensive office program competing with Microsoft’s Word.

    At the very beginning I knew that the PDF conversion feature was not part of the download. After going through having to shut down my Norton antivirus program and my anti-ransomware program I finally got the basic program to install. Following the completion of the installation I was presented with a notice that I could download the PDF conversion program in one of two forms: “free or subscription”. I thought I would try the free option and again went through shutting down the various antivirus programs to be told that the previous version of “WPS Office Personal and Home” had to be uninstalled to install the new download. The whole office program was uninstalled, re-downloaded, and once again installed after disabling the various antivirus programs. Still there was no evidence that I had the PDF conversion program. Once again I tried to install that module and went through the whole uninstall/ reinstall procedure again. The final time I said to heck with the conversion program and for the third time I installed the original office program and forgot about any conversion module.

    Opening the word processing program part of “WPS Office Personal and Home” seem to take forever. The reason for this was eventually revealed when a full page of suggested templates was presented as the opening page. I did not hunt long but I did not see an obvious way to disable the opening page of templates. This is a page of templates I knew I would never use and would rather not have as a part of a lien wordprocessing program.. I would much prefer a quick opening program rather than being presented with dozens of templates that I would never find a use for.

    A big disappointment was finding that my dictation program was incompatible with WPS Office. I only have the use of one hand and find typing in many wordprocessing type programs somewhat difficult. I cannot easily hold down the shift key to type uppercase letters and many punctuation marks. Even though the program was heavily touted as being compatible, yet even interchangeable, with “Microsoft Word” the dictation program that works in Microsoft Word would not transcribe a single letter or word in today’s offered program. This program like many programs on the market are close to worthless for many of the handicapped.

    Not having the desire or means to purchase Microsoft Word I guess I will go back to using “Open Office”. “Open Office” is not completely compatible with my dictation program but it does work after a fashion.

    I left out several other complaints that I have with today’s offering. Since I do not have Microsoft Word on my computer I cannot really say through experience, other than the lack of compatibility with my dictation program, how compatible WPS Office is with the Microsoft program. I guess if I owned the Microsoft program I would not worry about compatibility I would just use it. As it is now if I receive something I consider important in the Microsoft format I either open it with some form of reader or I will try to convert it to PDF. Generally if somebody sends me a document written in Microsoft Word I consider the effort somewhat elitist and throw the file in the garbage.

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    I do not understand why some users of this site are so critical of offers sometime.
    FYI the free version is fully functional, and for the pdf conversion you can install a virtual pdf Printer like PDF creator which is great by the way.
    I suppose you dont have a problem that you have to pay a new subscription every year for your antivirus program or the next Windows Version but you do want to have all software for free. And how will the programmers earn their living if their work is not paid for? And keep updating the Software? The offers on this site and other sites are part of the Marketing strategy of the developers to make their products widely known, dont you get that?
    What I mean is that you can flag up issues about a program’s usability and shortcomings but not all the time grumble about something you dont have to pay a cent for, nor are you required to try it if you dont want.

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    In the oficial site, says the 20$ annual is the Premium, not the Personal. Also, there is a Free Edition….

    I really think this “promo” is for the free.

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    [@Mister Lee] I concur. What is the point of offering a “one-year license” if you don’t tell us what happens after the first year ? Does the software stop working ? Can formerly created documents still be read ? Maybe you can modify old documents, but not create new ones ? Does the software degrade to some lesser-functioning state ? Will it make my PC explode ? Is it just a way of saying “you’re not entitled to use the program after one year, but we won’t bother to check” ?

    This is especially important since the publisher offers directly a free version of this program on his site (as in free forever, not limited to one year), with the only difference with the paid-for version being : no support (fair enough), no PDF conversion function (but the present promotion by Shareware on Sale excludes this as well) and added advertisements in the software (but two users here tell us that there are also ads in Shareware on Sale’s version).

    On the face of it, Shareware on Sale’s promotion seems to be less attractive than the free version of the publisher himself ! There’s no problem with promotional software having limitations attached, as long as they are made clear. But please, do explain them clearly.

    Also, if it really is the case that this software stops working after one year, it should be called an extended trial version, and not a free program. There’s no way I will invest time to install this thing, learn it, create documents with precious data in it, and risk begin deprived of both the program and my documents after one year, unless I pay. Not to mention the risks associated with installing any new, unknown program on a computer, which might always break something.

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    shaker hamed

    Thank you for this nice opportinuty.

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    muhammad kamal

    100% and thank you

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