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[@Mister Lee] I concur. What is the point of offering a “one-year license” if you don’t tell us what happens after the first year ? Does the software stop working ? Can formerly created documents still be read ? Maybe you can modify old documents, but not create new ones ? Does the software degrade to some lesser-functioning state ? Will it make my PC explode ? Is it just a way of saying “you’re not entitled to use the program after one year, but we won’t bother to check” ?

This is especially important since the publisher offers directly a free version of this program on his site (as in free forever, not limited to one year), with the only difference with the paid-for version being : no support (fair enough), no PDF conversion function (but the present promotion by Shareware on Sale excludes this as well) and added advertisements in the software (but two users here tell us that there are also ads in Shareware on Sale’s version).

On the face of it, Shareware on Sale’s promotion seems to be less attractive than the free version of the publisher himself ! There’s no problem with promotional software having limitations attached, as long as they are made clear. But please, do explain them clearly.

Also, if it really is the case that this software stops working after one year, it should be called an extended trial version, and not a free program. There’s no way I will invest time to install this thing, learn it, create documents with precious data in it, and risk begin deprived of both the program and my documents after one year, unless I pay. Not to mention the risks associated with installing any new, unknown program on a computer, which might always break something.