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Mister Lee

In case anyone missed this important mention at the top of the post…
This is the LE edition of CyberLink PowerDirector 14.

(Kudos to S.O.S. for being up front, about exactly what is being offered).

For those that don’t know, LE edition = ‘Cripple Ware’

Also, as mentioned by ‘Mark R’: “The software also does not let you output video in a resolution higher than 640×480 unless you make an additional purchase”.
Also, the free version only allows you to produce a final video as an .mp4 file.
Which pretty much renders this offering as useless in my opinion.

If you wish to buy a fully functioning version of the


version of Power Director (ver. 15), it is available in four versions.
*Note: I could not find version 14 for sale on their site.
The prices shown below are for the NON-SALE price.
*Note: they do have a sale going on right now.
Ultra – $229.98
Ultimate – $259.98
Ultimate Suite – $249.99
Director Suite – $299.99
So, you could use today’s offering to see if you like how it works, and if you do, you know what your options are to buy the full program.

HOWEVER… Cyberlink offers a “Free 30-day PowerDirector 15 Ultra Trial”
It might make more sense, to download a fully functioning, current version, for 30 days if you want to have the full experience.