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Mister Lee makes great points above and I will add one of the reasons why I personally think it is a nice program to have. I happen to just pick up PD15 Director Suite recently and a great aspect is the community.

There are both CyberLink and individual created free downloads that really enhance the programs abilities as well as a forum to share ideas and problems and such.

I own another video editing software I like a lot but it lacks these aspects and in my opinion cripples them in comparison.

I haven’t had the program long but the basics of use are pretty easy to get the hang of while there are a lot of options beyond that if you really want to get creative. There are also a lot of good videos on YouTube from CyberLink and others that’ll teach you most all you’d want to know.

I think all in with the current sale I paid $91 and some change for the biggest bundle offered. While it is great SOS offers this if you plan to really use the program and publish anything online you’re pretty much going to have to upgrade/pay for that ability. If you just want to play with editing some video and do things for yourself, friends, family etc. then maybe this program offered will suffice.