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Nick H

[@Ashraf] I appreciate the offer of this software and a lot of the other free offers on SOS. However I don’t appreciate the download hub, yet again it failed to deliver the complete download, it got to +90% this time before failing. The download speed was incredibly slow while using the hub, changing to a direct download via my browser saw download speeds multiply by a factor of +10. Sure speeds may vary, but not so significantly without something restricting them. I note that today the SOS software update notifier was being offered again, I hadn’t seen that for some time when downloading from SOS. I’ve questioned the need for the updater before and noted that it seemed to be linked to more download failures, when its not offered I’ve had quicker and more successful downloads, when its offered its not been such a good download experience. I always ‘decline’ the notifier’ as I don’t want it, I already have tried and tested means of getting update notifications. This may be a coincidence, but….

Yet again the reCAPTCHA screws things up, I entered a name and email in the right boxes above before typing the comment, I click in the “I’m not a robot” box, do the reCAPTCHA task and then get told that there is an error – I haven’t entered a name or email!!!! I’ve had that happen numerous times on SOS, but not on other sites where I encounter the malfunctioning spammer gatekeeper.