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Hi everybody! :-)

Chromium-based software can use the –incognito parameter, to avoid temporary files, and the other non-chromium-based browsers can erase their temporary files by themselves, hence this software is almost useless.

Some suggestions to FastPCTools developers/owners to improve the software, making it useful:
– Overview tab: “temperory” should be “temporary“.
– Taskbar (?): update latest version ( shouldn’t be visible, given that the version is already Maybe it could be better a “Latest version check” button: after a click it should prompt “you already have the latest version” or “new version has been found”.
– The software should support all major and minor browsers, installed or portable, for the current price.
It should/could allow to modify the “temporary internet files” folder for each browser, for the current price.
It should deny malware/bad scripts/virus/etc to infect all the browsers, and/or repair all the browsers after they was infected, for the current price.
– Add a simple way to translate your software in other languages: it could be translated by simple users which are using the free version.
– Allow to open the file location to check what it is and the path where it is.
– Allow to export the results, for example in a text file on the desktop.
– Allow to resize the window.
Lower the price to 10 dollars.
– (kc4cop original hint) Do not automatically start with Windows without first asking permission.
– (kc4cop original hint) Users should not be greeted with a warning “proceed at your own risk”.
– (kc4cop original hint) Users should be presented with a list of items to be cleaned before commencing a cleaning process.

“Uninstalled via reboot”.

Hope this helps!