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    Have something to say about Fast Browser Cleaner? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Fast Browser Cleaner, post it here! If you know of issues with Fast Browser Cleaner, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    When I first saw this offering I was excited. Something changed my default search engine in Internet Explorer 11 from Google to Yahoo. I have tried a number of things to return my search engine to Google and failed. I thought that Fast Browser Cleaner might be the perfect way to get back to my favorite search engine. Unfortunately today’s offering has not changed my desired search engine back to Google.

    I am sure that there is a way to get back my favorite search engine but it looks like that Fast Browser Cleaner is not going to be the answer.

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    Hello Thank you very much is very Bad Only Bad Software World Only Fast Browser Cleaner Because a lot of trouble I disabled all of its parts

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    Doug Ames

    It would be nice if they stated which browsers and versions are supported. The illustrations on their home page appear to show IE, Firefox and Chrome.

    It would also be nice to know what happens after 1 year, since this is a temporary 1-year license. Does the software stop working, or does it just stop updating?

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    I have Opera Next or Beta .
    This software didn’t detect Opera.
    On my Windows 7 Opera is installed on drive C: & in Program Files .
    It is my default browser so it should have been detected .

    Also FireFox portable wasn’t detected & I expected that .

    The only detected browser was IE which I never use unless some web site requires it .
    So Fast Browser Cleaner is of no use to me.

    If someone knows the fix then I will leave it installed .
    Otherwise I will uninstall it.

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    Fast PC Tools

    [@kc4cop] Please provide detail about the problem. What is your windows operating system.Is it 32bit or 64bit. You can send the details to support@fastpctools.com

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    Fast PC Tools

    [ @mahdiameri28] Please provide details of the problem which you are having because of Fast Browser Cleaner. You can send the details to support@fastpctools.com

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    Fast PC Tools

    [ @Doug Ames] On our website we have clearly stated the names of the browsers. Fast Browser Cleaner support IE,Firefox,Google Chrome and Opera. After 1 year some of the features of software will stop working. This will not have any affect on updates. You will continue to receive the updates but only those features will work which does not require registration. This is explained in the “Terms and Conditions” section of this promotion also.

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    Fast PC Tools

    [ @Mike] Please provide the url of the opera which you are using. We have also emailed you regarding it. Once we have the detail we will try to provide a solution

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    Guido Software Pimp

    Grab Bleachbit for free…..BleachBit is a free and open-source disk space cleaner, privacy manager, and computer system optimizer. Same one Hillary Clinton used to get rid of her basement emails and they could not recover them. WOO HOO

    I have to be fair to Fast PC Tools for trying to help you all. But I promise you this, Bleachbit does not have any of these problems.

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    Hi everybody! :-)

    Chromium-based software can use the –incognito parameter, to avoid temporary files, and the other non-chromium-based browsers can erase their temporary files by themselves, hence this software is almost useless.

    Some suggestions to FastPCTools developers/owners to improve the software, making it useful:
    – Overview tab: “temperory” should be “temporary“.
    – Taskbar (?): update latest version ( shouldn’t be visible, given that the version is already Maybe it could be better a “Latest version check” button: after a click it should prompt “you already have the latest version” or “new version has been found”.
    – The software should support all major and minor browsers, installed or portable, for the current price.
    It should/could allow to modify the “temporary internet files” folder for each browser, for the current price.
    It should deny malware/bad scripts/virus/etc to infect all the browsers, and/or repair all the browsers after they was infected, for the current price.
    – Add a simple way to translate your software in other languages: it could be translated by simple users which are using the free version.
    – Allow to open the file location to check what it is and the path where it is.
    – Allow to export the results, for example in a text file on the desktop.
    – Allow to resize the window.
    Lower the price to 10 dollars.
    – (kc4cop original hint) Do not automatically start with Windows without first asking permission.
    – (kc4cop original hint) Users should not be greeted with a warning “proceed at your own risk”.
    – (kc4cop original hint) Users should be presented with a list of items to be cleaned before commencing a cleaning process.

    “Uninstalled via reboot”.

    Hope this helps!

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    I sent the information requested in the email from FastPCTools .
    Waiting for the response but it is the weekend so maybe Monday I will hear from them.

    This is the link to Opera beta :

    @ xilolee ,I don’t always want to use “private browsing or incognito mode”.
    Usually software like this erases with overwrite & usually several overwrites.
    I believe most browsers just delete the temporary files .So they can be recovered.

    I usually use CCleaner but I wanted to see if Fast Browser Cleaner found some additional files .
    Or maybe a “hidden” toolbar.

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    Fast PC Tools

    [@xilolee] Thanks for you suggestions.
    Temporary file cleaning is not the only function of Fast Browser Cleaner.
    Fast Browser Cleaner helps to remove addons and adwares from the browsers. You can change / reset home page,tab page, start page and default search engine of browsers. Incognito mode or temporary file cleaning alone will not help.
    For malware/bad scripts/virus/etc there are antimalware and antivirus programs. Fast Browser Cleaner is not that type of software and neither it claims it to be.
    We are constantly trying to enhance our software. Some of the suggestions made by you are already in our list of future enhancements.
    You can turn off the auto start of application at startup of windows by going to “Settings” then select “Options” and then uncheck “Start application at startup”.
    For warning “proceed at your own risk” please check with this new build. We have made some improvements in this build based on some users suggestions.
    Fast Browser Cleaner first scan the browsers for error and then displays found problems in a tabbed list for every browser detected from our supported browsers. Then user select what he want to clean. Then when he click on “Clean Now”
    it prompt the user “Do you want to clean selected items”. When the user confirms it then only the cleaning start. Fast Browser Cleaner does not clean automatically.

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    Fast PC Tools

    [ @Mike] We have got your email. Thanks for the information. We are working on it and will provide a solution in 1-2 days.

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    wm adams

    click on link takes me to a vidio downloader for 1495 not fast browser cleaner for free

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