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[@xilolee] Thanks for you suggestions.
Temporary file cleaning is not the only function of Fast Browser Cleaner.
Fast Browser Cleaner helps to remove addons and adwares from the browsers. You can change / reset home page,tab page, start page and default search engine of browsers. Incognito mode or temporary file cleaning alone will not help.
For malware/bad scripts/virus/etc there are antimalware and antivirus programs. Fast Browser Cleaner is not that type of software and neither it claims it to be.
We are constantly trying to enhance our software. Some of the suggestions made by you are already in our list of future enhancements.
You can turn off the auto start of application at startup of windows by going to “Settings” then select “Options” and then uncheck “Start application at startup”.
For warning “proceed at your own risk” please check with this new build. We have made some improvements in this build based on some users suggestions.
Fast Browser Cleaner first scan the browsers for error and then displays found problems in a tabbed list for every browser detected from our supported browsers. Then user select what he want to clean. Then when he click on “Clean Now”
it prompt the user “Do you want to clean selected items”. When the user confirms it then only the cleaning start. Fast Browser Cleaner does not clean automatically.