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Father Richard

BEWARE. All the reviews are for Version 6. In very small letters over the offer button, “This is the LE edition of CyberLink AudioDirector 6” has been added. A search on the web shows very little information about what differences are between the ver. 6 being reviewed and the 6 le being given away here. All the reviewers seem to be reviewing ver. 6, not what we would get here.
Everyone who does comment on the web about this company’s “le” versions states that they are almost useless with so much “crippled” that it isn’t worth the learning curve to find out what you don’t have. Everyone of the few reviews I can find (I even went on other free software sites and read their past reviews and comments for this exact “le” program and similar ones)states that they are disappointed and don’t recommend it. What a pity. In the full version, it looks like wonderful software for the serious editor. The real value seams to be in the ability to place sound tracks to each other easily and “round trip” the audio to a video using the company’s video editor (the full version one, don’t know about the free one which is a “le” version).