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    Have something to say about CyberLink AudioDirector 6? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than CyberLink AudioDirector 6, post it here! If you know of issues with CyberLink AudioDirector 6, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Kevin Fitzgerald

    I’m not able to import ANY of my MP3 files. I get an error stating the file is either broken or it is an unsupported file format. I tried several different MP3 files and all get the same error. This makes the program useless for me.

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    Kevin, before you import your audio, go into settings and change the bit rate to the same as the audio you are importing.
    example: is your audio file 16 bit 24 bit or 32 bit ?
    default is 16 bit and that will not recognize 24 bit or 32 bit files.
    Also check the sampling rate.

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    “CyberLink_AudioDirector_6” Now no support for “WindowsXP” (previous 8 promotional programs quietly established at “WindowsXP”, downloaded in 2015 and 2016.).

    P. S. Something a company too often distributes the programs.

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    I cannot get MP4 videos to import

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    Dave H

    [ @Charli] I can’t get .mp4 files to load either.

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    Father Richard

    BEWARE. All the reviews are for Version 6. In very small letters over the offer button, “This is the LE edition of CyberLink AudioDirector 6” has been added. A search on the web shows very little information about what differences are between the ver. 6 being reviewed and the 6 le being given away here. All the reviewers seem to be reviewing ver. 6, not what we would get here.
    Everyone who does comment on the web about this company’s “le” versions states that they are almost useless with so much “crippled” that it isn’t worth the learning curve to find out what you don’t have. Everyone of the few reviews I can find (I even went on other free software sites and read their past reviews and comments for this exact “le” program and similar ones)states that they are disappointed and don’t recommend it. What a pity. In the full version, it looks like wonderful software for the serious editor. The real value seams to be in the ability to place sound tracks to each other easily and “round trip” the audio to a video using the company’s video editor (the full version one, don’t know about the free one which is a “le” version).

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    I installed this very good program without any problems. I am running Windows 7 64 bit. I find that the program locks up when I import a file. Including the sound effects supplied by the program. I haven’t been able to overcome the problem as yet. Any ideas

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    Father Richard is right This is the LE edition of CyberLink AudioDirector 6. The text is so small that its easy to miss. This is bordering on false advertising. Why cant we be honest and state that the SOFTWARE IS A LIGHT EDITION.

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    For XPLoser

    [@Dimma] LOL oh boo hoo hoo call a Wambulance Windows XP???? NOBODY supports that, hey hows your Windows 98 doing these days JACKASS…….

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    Assraft Sucks

    [ @Ron] That’s how Assraft rolls here, gets all this shit then tells how great it is. We call it Shitwareonsale around here.

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    Thanks Ashraf for the great giveaway.

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    [@Assraft Sucks]
    You’re missing the point you extremely rude person. It states on the Tech Specs that it is for XP as well as other versions but will not install on an XP computer. If you go to install it on an XP machine it won’t and comes up with a message saying it won’t. So the point is that the Tech Specs are incorrect and need changing. If folks want to use an XP machine or simply can’t afford to buy a more up to date machine then that’s their business, not yours. Get a life and make some useful comments that actually help the community.

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    Thank you very much for your answer.

    The window with the error:

    The installation will be terminated at this time. This software is intended for Windows Vista, Windows Vista WMC, Windows 7, Windows 7 WMC, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

    The installation of this program was unsuccessful. Please report this installation issue by going to http://www.cyberlink.com/cs-help and attaching CyberLink AudioDirector 6.0.zip from your desktop.

    Tell me, please, the checksums of the installation file, that as the installer itself from “Sharewareonsale” (as well as the does not start downloader 1.1 MB from the website CyberLink) refused and offered to download on the download link directly.

    There is a suspicion that a different version of the downloaded

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    My impression: Attractive interface and works good for removing background hum in the audiotracks from my inexspensive key chain camera.Unlinking video and audio in a 3.party videoeditor and afterwards exporting audio as .wav such uncompressed files hereafter can be processed in AudioDirector, and later re-imported without quality loss.Re-encoding of the video stream is in this way avoided.

    Beside video import the only other option I so far have found is disabled in this LE edition is export audio to .m4a, a file format I never have heard of.Otherwise the application seems full functional, though I have not yet tested a burnCD option.

    The program is extendable with some (but not all) .vst plugins, and will probably be of good use also for restoring audio lifted from noisy 78rpm records.

    With im- and export of lossless .wav, great restoring tools and an attractive interface AudioDirector LE is what I need.Thank you Cyberlink.

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