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Mister Lee

[@Mister Lee] I see from the post by ‘Krzysztof’, that this is a “Demo version”. So apparently, the answer to my question, “DE version” = Demo Version. What a shame. It would have been nice if the developer had just spelled it out for us. It would have saved many from wasting their precious time on this earth, from downloading what they presumed to be a bonafide application, only to be disappointed. I have to agree with Consuella, CyberLink is damaging their reputation by offering crippleware, instead of their actual program. I understand they are in business to SELL their product — not give it away, so why not offer an OLDER edition of their apps… then if people like what they see, perhaps then they will want to pay to upgrade to the newer and better version. Their current scheme will likely just alienate potential customers.