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Neil Frandsen

Ability Office downloaded, and installed smoothly, on the 2nd try. I do not sweat such hiccups, because I run at least 2 Windows 10 machines, plus another Windows XP, or Win98, or a Compaq running Linux, off of the same Cisco Modem…
Ability Write opened well, took the License Key quickly, and I like the way the page is laid out. Remember, please, that I am an olde LID (Railway Telegrapher), who used an all-caps Billing Machine, electric typewriter to keyboard Train Orders on 3 to 17 copies of onion-skin paper forms, with a sheet of double-sided carbon-paper betwixt every onion-skin sheet! The huge amount of carbon that got on fingers & hands explains why olde-tyme telegraphers had those nifty forearm and around elbow sleeve-protectors…
A further remark shall be entered, after I complete a short essay on leaky-cable ways to get radio signals inside the not-planned Faraday shields which modern construction creates, when building new emergency rooms, office rooms, and treatment rooms.