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OK, I just had a glimpse at their website : it’s a train wreck. The same non-existent “English” is used there. Heavy on marketing buzzwords and atrocious English, but almost empty on real technical content. It’s an Indian company barely two-years old (at least that’s what they say), and they already “sell” a bewildering array of software — anti-virus being only one of them.

Stay well clear of such fly-by-night operations. Security is a serious business. You might have a go at “Ackick Watermark Creator” or “Akick Document Converter” if you really must (trial version only, of course, and buckle up on your <i>real</i> anti-virus). If they fail miserably, you will only have lost some precious hours of your life.

But anti-virus ? By Ackick Ltd., Bengalore ? Come on… Seriously, go and have a look at their site, just for laughs. There are moving parts all over the place, and stock photos of professional types looking like thay have just made their first million dollars. This could be a parody made up by a comedian. You can almost hear the jokes.