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Alex from HippoEDIT

Hi All,

Some introduction that may help:

  • You can find a lot of information and already answered questions on HippoEDIT forum, and on HippoEDIT wiki (for example FAQ page)
  • SharewareOnSale HippoEDIT edition can NOT run portable.
  • If you are looking for some feature or a syntax highlighting for your favorite language, but cannot find it the menu, check available plugins: Tools->Options->Plugins (select needed in the list), available syntaxes on Tools->Options->Syntax Settings (check needed) or use Update Manager Help->Check for Updates. The easiest way to get needed syntax schema is to just open a source code file in the corresponding language – HippoEDIT will check by itself if syntax schema for it is available online and will download it for you.
  • Comparison of the HippoEDIT with other text editors can be found on forum (not really up-to-date but better than nothing ;) )
  • HippoEDIT has only English user interface.
  • The license you get here with SharewareOnSale special offer is a FULL license. There are no limitations or differences to standard HippoEDIT license.
  • If you bought HippoEDIT and did not get the license in 24 hours, maybe license email is caught by your spam filter. If you are sure it is not, leave a comment of forum, and I will send you the license in private message/li>

Best regards,
HippoEDIT: http://www.hippoedit.com