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@ David Novak

So one just needs to save the allmynotes_b840.key file, and copy it in the install folder after a Windows clean reinstall, right ? (Obviously, the All My Notes install folder itself would be wiped out during Windows reinstall, like everything else).

Also, any plans for making the program high DPI-aware ? Right now, with a very run-of-the-mill, non-high DPI, 24″ desktop monitor, but Windows 7 set to display at 150 %, my only options are :

1. Run the program natively, with acceptably-sized icons and other UI elements, but a completely blurry interface ;

2. Check the Disable Display Scaling on High DPI Settings in the Compatibility tab of the executable, get back a sharp and in-focus interface, but have unacceptably small icons and other UI elements.

(Unless there’s some other program setting, or Windows trick, that I’m not aware of.)