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    Have something to say about AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe, post it here! If you know of issues with AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Cleber Girardi

    Gostaria de saber, se esta caixa de instalação é definitiva. Caso eu tenha que formatar o PC daqui algum tempo, vou poder instalar esse programa normalmente e registrá-lo?

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    Cleber Girardi

    Gostaria de agradecer também pela oferta do programa grátis.

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    Mister Lee

    Hello Cleber Girardi!
    Welcome to this English speaking site.

    What is your purpose in leaving your comments in your native language of Portugese?

    99.999% of the viewers of this site are not going to be able to understand what you are saying. Would it not make more sense for you to translate your comment to English before posting. Very, very few are going to take the time, (as I did), to translate to English.

    Frankly, it’s borderline rude behavior. If I was leaving a comment on a Portugese site, without question I would translate to your language before posting.

    Here is the Portugese translation of my comment for your benefit:
    Olá Cleber Girardi!
    Bem-vindo a este site em inglês.

    Qual é o seu propósito em deixar seus comentários em seu idioma nativo de português?

    99.999% dos telespectadores deste site não vão ser capazes de entender o que você está dizendo. Não faria mais sentido para você traduzir o seu comentário para Inglês antes de postar. Muito, muito poucos vão levar o tempo, (como eu fiz), para traduzir para Inglês.

    Francamente, é borderline comportamento rude. Se eu estava deixando um comentário em um site português, sem dúvida eu traduziria para o seu idioma antes de postar.

    Aqui está a tradução portuguesa do meu comentário para seu benefício:
    AND… for the benefit of S.O.S. English speaking clients, here is the English translation of your comments today:
    “I wonder if this installation box is definitive. If I have to format the PC in a while, will I be able to install this program normally and register it”?
    “I would also like to thank you for the free program offer”.

    I hope to see you here again soon Cleber.
    I appreciate reading everyone’s comments, including yours.
    Have a wonderful day!

    Note: You can translate your comments here: https://translate.google.com

    Respectfully, Mister Lee

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    David Novak (official support of AllMyNotes Organizer)

    To Cleber Girardi: If you’ll reformat your system do not delete AllMyNotes Organizer installation folder, it contains your license .key file. After system reinstallation you can still launch the app from that folder.

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    @Cleber, Bom Dia :)
    Penso q não é possível, segundo as instruções da página do prog, q diz: “You must download, install, and run this giveaway before the offer has ended“.
    Quer dizer: Deve dwld, instalar e ativar antes q a promoção acabe.
    Às vezes só diz q tem q adquirir a licença e .exe, antes q a promoção acabe, mas esta vez diz q precisa de ser instalado também. Então nesse caso, não deve ser possível de re-ativar.
    Se você sabe como, é melhor encontrar o portable, e põe numa chave ;)
    Assim não perde qd fizer o próximo formatar. É isso q eu sempre faço!, qd é possível é claro …
    Mas se é coisa q gosto e utilizo frequentemente, muitas vezes compro qd tem um BOM especial.

    Hope this helps
    N.B.: Desculpe se tem erros, já lá esqueci metade da gramática …

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    Nice organizer! However a question. Updated from 2.85 tot this 3.17-build.
    From the changelog: Greatly improved skin Deep. Many graphical elements have been updated, if you are using this skin, you’ll notice it immediately. If you are using other skin, we encourage you to see new skin Deep, it’s really nice :)

    Now, On one pc 2.85 and another 3.17 with the Deep skin. I asked other people, as i thought I have a problem with my eyes … we don’t see *any* difference? Where are those changes in Deep-UI Vlad?

    Thanks in advance for the reply and keep on with the nice development.

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    Thanks for the excellent translator Mister Lee.. It seems to work perfectly in relation to others I’ve tried..

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    I have been using this program since it was offered here some months ago – this is a newer version. I look forward to using this version as it seems some bugs have been resolved – see https://www.vladonai.com/allmynotes-organizer-history-whats-new?v=3.17.b840 for the explanation of changes.
    Thanks for the great organizing tools this week Ashraf!

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    David Novak (official support of AllMyNotes Organizer)

    To Julie: Majority of screen elements have been updated in the skin “Deep” – toolbars, window captions, tree icons, etc, etc. If you cannot notice it I don’t know what to say, but please do not judge by screenshot on our web-site, these are yet to be updated – we are going to update skin Holy Crown in next updates, so it will make sense to update screenshots bit later.

    If you indeed do not see any changes… try to install the app to a different folder, perhaps there is an issue with your app installation, it will not affect your data.

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    @ David,

    Thanks, will try that. About that installing in another folder, I have a question: is it possible to run 2 instances of AllMyNotes Organizer (with different databases)? And if so: what is the way to go for realise this?

    Thank you, Julie

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    Thanks to SoS for clarifying the licensing policy with this :

    “You must download, install, and run this giveaway before the offer has ended.”

    However, I’ll still be a bore for a minute and ask once again : can you do this, then, long after the offer has ended, uninstall (or completely erase your disk while reinstalling Windows from scratch), then reinstall the program ? The way this sentence is written does not exclude this.

    Also, if the real meaning is you can’t reinstall the program once the offer has ended, is this a) the case for all SoS offers, b) a change of policy, or just a clarification of an existing policy ?

    My understanding is that SoS required you to install the software on offer right away, but that, contrary to some other promotional sites, it allowed later reinstallation.

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    David Novak (official support of AllMyNotes Organizer)

    To Clairvaux: Please read my answer to Cleber Girardi above, you are asking same thing.

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    David Novak (official support of AllMyNotes Organizer)

    To Julie: You can launch two instances of AllMyNotes when you open two different .ddb data files. You can do that by creating desktop shortcuts to these files. And you don’t need two installations to achieve that.

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    @ David Novak

    So one just needs to save the allmynotes_b840.key file, and copy it in the install folder after a Windows clean reinstall, right ? (Obviously, the All My Notes install folder itself would be wiped out during Windows reinstall, like everything else).

    Also, any plans for making the program high DPI-aware ? Right now, with a very run-of-the-mill, non-high DPI, 24″ desktop monitor, but Windows 7 set to display at 150 %, my only options are :

    1. Run the program natively, with acceptably-sized icons and other UI elements, but a completely blurry interface ;

    2. Check the Disable Display Scaling on High DPI Settings in the Compatibility tab of the executable, get back a sharp and in-focus interface, but have unacceptably small icons and other UI elements.

    (Unless there’s some other program setting, or Windows trick, that I’m not aware of.)

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