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David Novak (official support of AllMyNotes Organizer)

So one just needs to save the allmynotes_b840.key file, and copy it in the install folder after a Windows clean reinstall, right ?

You got it right, I would like to highlight two other moments:
1. You must use the installer you got from this promo, other app versions will not accept this .key file.
2. The .key file is linked to the hard drive serial number. If you install to different hard drive, you’ll need to clone serial from old HDD to new one, there is many software utilities that can help with this task.

Also, any plans for making the program high DPI-aware ?

Basically this is a matter of the skin, currently we don’t have skins optimized for certain DPIs, but what you can do relatively easily is to increase font sizes in skin.ini file(s), it really helps, you can find details how to do it on our forum here – https://www.vladonai.com/forum/feature-requests-f10/customize-outliner-hierarchy-tree-font-all-my-notes-organizer-and-screen-high-dpi-support-t50.html