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[@David Novak (official support of AllMyNotes Organizer)]
The forum now rejects my identifiers. I may have deleted former identifiers from my records after my registration was rejected.

Anyway, I have tried the last trick you’ve given in the forum (delete // in the .ini file), and it works — as far as font types and sizes are concerned. However, enlarging fonts does not enlarge accordingly the interface elements which contain them (toolbars, menus…), so the text becomes cropped out and partly invisible.

I can see in the .ini file that there might be code in there to enlarge those interface elements as well, but this gets too complex and is akin to reprogramming the software. If one wants to have a neat and tidy interface, changing a few sizes here and there with no visibility at all on the result is useless. The whole design has to be in harmony, and that’s not something that the end user can do with small hacks such as those. There has to be a command somewhere to instruct the computer to do the scaling itself, which appears to be lacking.

On top of that, my advice would really be to reconsider the aesthetics of the program. I know this is a sensitive issue and you have a strong opinion on the subject, but I tried to buy into All My Notes repeatedly, and was driven away each time because of that (on top of high DPI non-compliance). Neither of the two icon sets is beautiful or practical. I mean it’s a real hindrance, not just a matter of not particularly liking the look of them.

Holy Crown is clever but it will never work, whatever colour adjustments may be applied. You just can’t read the icons. Barring any redesign from scratch, my advice would be to start from Deep and add some colours. Why all that grey and black ? We’ve paid dearly to have colour on our computers. Keep it light, however. Don’t drop the whole bucket of paint on the screen. Right now there is too much colour in the program. Either that, or it’s black and white.